Customer Reviews

We believe that there is no better way to describe our business and the services we provide than in the reviews and references of our customers so please see below just some of these from customers at various stages in the IVA process.

Our Reviews

“I would just like to say thank you so much. For the help you has given me, you have supported me throughout!

Nothing was to much for you, I feel a big weight has lifted from me with your full support, you never judged my circumstances.

I am truly grateful. Keep up the good work!

10/10. You are absolutely amazing.

Thank you to all your team.  

With many thanks. And a very good night sleep in a long time”

Claire Ashworth


“I am writing this because, I really feel strongly about the situation that I have been through and the service I have received, I would like to bring this to your attention.

Firstly, a little background about myself, as I feel this is important, so that you can appreciate and understand my situation. Sometimes I think that having job over the phone, can come across competitive and customers can seem and feel like names on a bit of paper and not real people. I feel that it’s really important, that when one person goes over and beyond their job and doesn’t see their work as a name on a piece of paper, this needs to be recognised and praised for.

I am 36 years old, I have 2 children 10 years and 13 years  I am a professional person and worked for a finance company for 7 years. Within this time I made my way up to the top  management a salary of 27,000 a year.  I had to give this all up due to sadly last February 2018, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I have under grown chemotherapy and radiotherapy and brachytherapy. Just before my diagnosis of my illness, my finances took a massive knock and I was unable to pay my bills. I watched as my whole life got taken from my feet, going from living the high life, driving in my Audi nice house, designer clothes. Then to debt coming through the door, walking around the supermarket with calculators, to lifting my sofa checking for last bit of change for a pint of milk. Things got unbearable, I got depressed 4 months ago the debt got that bad I Nearly took my own life.

Not only could I not work, but due to my debt, I know I would never be able to work in finance again if I went down the route of an IVA, even if My health got better, my whole life, hope and dreams were shattered. I had to bite the bullet and make that phone call and admit, I needed help. I was ashamed, fed up.

The person on the end of the phone was one of your staff, they made me feel at ease at once. He was really up beat made me laugh from the start, I had not laughed in months and he was so full of information, nothing was too much for him and if I couldn’t do anything he would do it for me. He kept to his word, kept in contact with me all the time, when he said he would phone, he would. I felt confident enough to tell him about my illness, he was really sympathetic understood my troubles, he did not judge me, at all. Everyday he phoned, he brighten my day and made me laugh in my day of sorrow, I cannot thank him or your company enough and there is no words to describe how I have been looked after.  The treatment I have received from this one individual, is over and beyond the call of duty, he became my mentor, my friend, my finance advisor, in such a short space of time and he has made a massive impact on my life, without even knowing it. This man deserve a medal as I do not even think he realises how he has made my days better and stress free, possibly even saving my mental state, my life.

I have gone into an IVA, due to his advice I do not have the stress of debtors and the worry of debt and I can live the time I have left stress free with a smile on my face. This is all down to this one individual person that has made this process bearable for me, at a time in need.

Life since the cancer has been put in a different perspective for me and the services I have received has given me has restored my faith in humanity. There are people out there that care, his customer service is second to none. I know now if any of my friends or anyone that comes across me worrying about debt I will 100 percent pass them on to Financial Support Centre, with confidence that he will look after them.

Thank you for taking the time in reading me email, I cannot thank you enough and stress to you with tears in my eyes how much this has meant to me.”

Mrs McMullen


“I’ve just finished the call and I got a little emotional afterwards. Seriously I can’t thank you enough for all the help, support and concern you’ve given me and for lifting a big weight off my shoulders and making a dark cloud disappear.

I will be forever grateful THANK YOU.

I wish you wealth, health and happiness thanks again.”

Mr McKay

Why people choose us

I just wanted to write a quick note thanking you so much for all your kindness and hard work yesterday. You’ve been an absolute pleasure, and you made the whole situation so much less stressful for me. I was a bag or nerves picking up that phone call, and you had me smiling within the first few minutes.

I really appreciate how you listened to me.
I got into debt initially through a bad relationship, where I lent considerable amounts money to my ex and didn’t get it back, as well as investing a huge amount (a lot more than I could afford) into renovating a house, which then turned out not to be his. You didn’t once make me feel judged or humiliated – you demonstrated upmost compassion and understanding. You really made me feel that, after 3&1/2 years of battling and battling with this great monster of debt ( I have felt this debt permanently looming over me, ever in my thoughts, not allowing me to live my life or do anything at all to make my life enjoyable), that I am no longer alone in dealing with this. I feel like finally, I am on the brink of stepping out into the sun for the first time in so long.

You were incredibly concise in how you patiently talked me through all the different options available, the pros and cons of each of these options, and even how said pros and cons would effect my case personally. You answered every question I could throw at you. I had attempted to do my own research online and had been left just bewildered and confused – it seemed like a minefield to me and I was so anxious I would make the wrong decision and live to regret it. Feeling like I now understand the process, thanks to you, has lifted a huge weight off my mind.

You even managed all this with an injection of humour and personality. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I can’t exaggerate how life changing this solution will be for me. You’ve made the whole, stressful situation feel much easier for me.

A very satisfied customer!

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